Cultura Corazón wants to facilitate that travelers and hosts develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and humanity between people of the world.

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We are all Crew of our Mothership Earth

In Cultura Corazón we embrace travelling as a channel to recognize each other as human citizens of this world. Local and global are both sides of every reality no matter where you are. Nothing exists in a vacuum, all realities are connected. Our motivation is that our experiences can inspire travellers and host communities to find these connections and nurture a higher sense of coherence unique to their own life.

Mutual Prosperity is a form of Love

You can trust that having us in charge of organizing your travelling or learning experience comes with best practices in reciprocity with host communities. At Cultura Corazón we nurture relationships of mutual care, learning and thriving with every community that we collaborate with. This goes beyond agreeing on a fair payment for services to engage in co-creating community building and training opportunities together.

Every Journey is Unique in its Own

We value you as a whole person and are authentically interested on your needs, interests and dreams. At Cultura Corazón there is no bigger joy than knowing that every travelling or learning experience we organized was meaningful for every part. As common travellers ourselves we know that sometimes it helps to have pre-determined options, so we offer you some of our most common itineraries as well as the possibility of us creating a new one for you.

Experienced Guides and Optimum Quality Equipment

We invite known and well reviewed guides, as well as community members in Guatemala to join our team and offer them customized training opportunities according to their personal and professional growth goals. In terms of equipment we do not take chances and have a regular schedule of maintenance for our equipment as well as a responsible cycle for renewal. Cultura Corazón is a member of Latinoamérica Interconectada, LAINCO, and the global community: Association for Experiential Education, AEE. We constantly align our services to international standards of best practices.