Cultura Corazón wants to facilitate that travelers and hosts develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and humanity between people of the world.

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Welcome to Cultura Corazón!

Thank you for your interest on what we do and who we are.

Cultura Corazón is a local and global (glocal) minded consultancy agency founded by two passionate human citizens of the world: Richie Morales a Guatemalan painter and Gery Paredes Vásquez a Bolivian intercultural and social justice educator.

Together with a team of collaborators, we create customized expeditions, regular tours and learning experiences to develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and solidarity between human citizens of this world.

Once you get to know us, you will find that our work walks-the-talk and talks-the-walk of our founding values:

  • Unconditional love for Nature and humanity.
  • Mutual prosperity as a practice for collaboration and work.
  • Co-liberation via continuous learning and un-learning
  • Joyful commitment to make the best of the present today

We do this in every learning experience, tour or expedition we create by nurturing authentic relationships with our community partners as well as with you for having chosen us. It will not take long for you to notice that we put our heart and mind in every detail and for the benefit of everyone involved.

We believe that where you put your heart is your treasure, and for us in Cultura Corazon travelling is only worth it if it deepens empathy, a sense of togetherness with Nature and a recognition of each other as human citizens of this world.

We invite you to give us an opportunity and feel the joy of having chosen a courageous, coherent and authentic way for your travelling and learning purposes.

In Humanity,

Cultura Corazón

“Education is the only thing that raises a submerged country”

"The most important journey of humanity is that of recognizing each other as human citizens of this world"

"Sólo se puede sanar aquello que se está dispuesto a mirar"