Cultura Corazón wants to facilitate that travelers and hosts develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and humanity between people of the world.

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Welcome to Cultura Corazón!

We are Gery and Richie, Cultura Corazón is our travel and consulting agency specialized on creating life experiences that allow you to rest, enjoy, connect and learn more about yourself, our mother Nature, communities and cultures in Guatemala.

Gery was born in Bolivia, she is an intercultural educator and consultant with more than 15 years of experience. She has lived and worked with people from different social, cultural, racial, ideological, religious and gender identities throughout North, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Richie Morales is a Guatemalan painter as well as a passionate travel and outdoor activities guide in Guatemala with more than 10 years of experience. You can learn more about Richie´s art in this link: https://www.behance.net/richiemorales

Richie is the Logistic Manager and Gery is the CEO for Cultura Corazón. We work together with a family of Guatemalan professionals and organizations with whom we share values to make all details of every trip with human quality. This means, optimal and meaningful for everyone involved.

Our life and work philosophy is rooted in:

  • Loving Nature and humankind across all borders.
  • Listening and responding to the needs of all who trusted in us for a trip.
  • Support local communities and organizations in Guatemala.
  • Facilitate enjoyment, rest, learning and connection in every trip.

We live and work nurturing authentic relationships with communities, professionals and organizations as well as with you when you choose us for a travel experience! In our life we have learned that where we put our heart is our treasure. At Cultura Corazón, our heart is on making that every travel experience with us feeds your soul, expands your heart, heals your body and inspires us to embrace each other as siblings across all borders.

Thanks for your interest on who we are and what we offer. We invite you to give us an opportunity and feel the joy of having chosen a courageous, coherent and authentic way for your travelling and learning purposes.

In Humanity,

Cultura Corazón

"The most important journey of humanity is that of recognizing each other as human citizens of this world"

"One can only heal that which one is willing to see"