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Acatenango On Hike

Acatenango On Hike

The Acatenango volcano is the third highest in Guatemala with 3,976 masl (13,044.62ft) and an average range of temperature from 0°C-19°C (32°F-66°F). It is one of the most physically demanding volcanoes to hike in the country.

The hosting community of this volcano is the town of La Soledad (2400 masl/7874ft), where people is mostly dedicated to protect this area by maintaining trails as well as providing complementary services as local guides and porters.

Acatenango is an invitation to practice the enjoyment of physical and mental effort, an opportunity to become aware of one´s own body  capacity and limitation in every step (and breathe) one takes.

Cultura Corazón nurtures a relationship of mutual caring with members of La Soledad and is regularly consulting for their needs so they can improve their services with our support e.g. professional development on touristic guidance, experiential learning and cultural immersion.


  • Average time of hike up from La Soledad to campsite: 6-7 hours
  • Average time from campsite to summit: 1-2 hours
  • Full distance: 20.9 Kilometers | 12.98 Miles
  • Altitude at Summit: 3,976masl | 13,044.62ft
  • Altitude at campsite: 3,490masl| 11,450.13 ft
  • Altitude at starting point of the hike: 2,200 masl| 7,217.84 ft

Cultura Corazón collaborates with local indigenous cooperatives, guides and community leaders as well as equitable and responsible businesses in the area so you can have an authentic experience while contributing to the protection and thriving of this marvelous place.

Remember, we can customize any experience to your needs and interests – just let us know what you dream and we will take it from there!