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Chichicastenango - Living Syncretism

Chichicastenango is the spiritual and business heart of the Quiché department in Guatemala. A jewel of living syncretism between Christianity, Mayan spirituality and commercial exchange as few in the world. The turns in its streets offer countless opportunities that go from witnessing a Mayan ceremony, to watch a Catholic procession pass by the middle of the market, all the way to find oneself fervently bargaining for one of the hundreds of textile and handicraft goods that enchant with their colors and high quality. So hard to resist!

The name of Chichicastenango derives from the náhuatl vocable tzitzicastl which means nettle, in the time of the Mayan culture this name would warn travellers of getting in contact with this itchy leaf! More recently, as part of the syncretism of cultures some locals affirm the name chichicastenango also refers to the dynamic hand-to-hand circulation of cash money that takes part in its market place. This colorful town is at 1,965 masl (6,446.85 ft) and has an average temperature of 12°C-20°C (54°F-68°F).

At Cultura Corazón we provide guidance in the practice of bargaining so you can have the best of this cultural experience. Apart from the most popular option of visiting Chichicastenango during fair market days (Thursdays/Sundays), we can also design an experience that focuses more on the religious syncretism between Catholic and Mayan practices very present at the church, cemetery and hills surrounding this fascinating town.

Cultura Corazón collaborates with local indigenous cooperatives, guides and community leaders as well as equitable and responsible businesses in the area so you can have an authentic experience while contributing to the protection and thriving of this marvelous place.

Remember, we can customize any experience to your needs and interests – just let us know what you dream and we will take it from there!