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Lake Ati’tlan – Blue Jewel

Lake Ati’tlan - Blue Jewel

Most certainly glimpses of this remarkable lake will capture your eye (and heart) on your drive through the highlands in this area of the Sierra Madre chain of mountains. Ati´tlan, which means “at the water”, is the name given in nahuatl by the indigenous people of this territory to the lake and the surrounding areas.

This precious lake is surrounded by volcanoes and seven villages of mainly Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel indigenous people that have endured in keeping many of their traditional culture practices alive through colonization and later cycles of violence during the times of the armed conflict in Guatemala.

Today, most of these communities welcome travellers with a variety of opportunities to witness, learn how-to-make and purchase textile and pottery handmade goods, as well as for practicing water sports such as kayaking or canoeing.

Ati´tlan is praised and recognized for its beauty since always by the indigenous local communities, as well as internationally by common travellers or even renowned poets, artists and writers such as Aldous Huxley known to have written about it as follows

“Lake Como, it seems to me, touches on the limit of permissibly picturesque, but Atitlán… is Como with additional embellishments of several immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing” – (Beyond the Mexique Bay, 1934).

Cultura Corazón collaborates with local indigenous cooperatives, guides and community leaders as well as equitable and responsible businesses in the area so you can have an authentic experience while contributing to the protection and thriving of this marvelous place.

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