Cultura Corazón wants to facilitate that travelers and hosts develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and humanity between people of the world.

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Gery Paredes Vásquez

Gery Paredes Vásquez

Chief of Learning & Strategic Alliances


The most important journey of humankind is that of recognizing each other as human citizens of this world

I am a connector-of-worlds, joyfully irreverent and philosophically poetic who makes of learning a journey, a space for co-liberation between those who superficially construct each other as opposed to each other. This is for me the most human practice of love: infinite, transformational and in communion with everything that is.

This passion for crossing borders and building bridges to re-store a sense of whole is in me since my childhood thanks to the teachings of my granduncle, Don Antonio Paredes Candia, mi querido Tio Antonio.

Later on, during my adolescence I earned a scholarship with the global movement for education for Peace, United World Colleges, and I had the transformational experience of living and learning together with 200 young peers from more than 70 countries in India.

During the first part of my life as an intercultural and social justice educator I founded an organization dedicated to create programs for youth empowerment, intercultural dialogue and social justice in my home country Bolivia. This eight years of practice gave me a solid pillar of experience on the development and management of learning experiences.

In this path I arrived to Madison, Wisconsin where I worked for some years on issues of racial justice and women empowerment. Currently, I serve as the Director of Experiential Education at the United World College in Costa Rica and  preside the Association for Experiential Education and I feel blissful to embark on Cultura Corazón together with Richie, David and our team of collaborators.

My favourite hike in Guatemala is Acatenango with an overnight to be able to admire the volcano Fuego in all its splendor. It teaches me to practice the enjoyment of effort, to appreciate and recognize the capacity and limitations of my own body.

Many thanks for your interest on who we are.

In humaUnity,

Gery Paredes Vásquez