Cultura Corazón wants to facilitate that travelers and hosts develop a practice of love for Nature, personal growth, appreciation of art and humanity between people of the world.

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Richie Morales

Richie Morales

Logistic Manager


You can only heal that which you are willing to see

I am a Guatemalan self-taught painter that since childhood has been hiking up volcanoes in my surroundings as a way to get in contact with Nature and myself away of daily struggles.

Later on, while continuing my painting career I started guiding groups while working for local businesses for seven years. The quality of my work was always highly recognized and appreciated by travellers who after became friends: amigos de por vida.

While working as a guide I often dreamed of starting an organization of my own so I could better reciprocate the people in every community I was working with, I dreamed of a different way of doing things where the benefits of responsible and sustainable tourism could be more equitably shared, and Nature better protected and honored.

This path, has always been connected to my painting because travelling has often put me in contact with people and places often invisibilized. It was during an artist-in-residence opportunity in Madison, Wisconsin that Gery and I met giving birth to what is today Cultura Corazón: a local and global (glocal) minded consultancy agency committed to make of expeditions, regular tours and learning experiences a channel to develop better human citizens of this world.

My favourite hike in Guatemala is the hike up to Zunil, it inspires me to connect with the landscape and feel the wind. I believe this is because in a difficult time in my life this place responded to my need of finding peace of my mind and reconnect with my inner strength.

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Richie Morales